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  Prevention of Coronavirus by Chinese Herbal Medicine

Essential measures have been recommended to avoid catching or spreading the new coronavirus (COVID-19), such as washing hands, using face masks, avoiding crowded areas or unnecessary travel.  However, it is important to bear in mind that there is no vaccine and effective medicine available at present, thus the strength of our body’s immune system and general health status are crucial in fighting this new coronavirus. 

For this reason, Traditional Chinese Medicine is very useful to prevent coronavirus infection by enhancing immune system and improving general health.  Currently in China, some experts designed Chinese herbal remedies have been widely used and have potentially reduced a huge number of infection cases.   Chinese herbal remedies have been used to fight epidemic diseases in China over past 3000 years.  More recently, there were 3 studies using Chinese herbal remedies for prevention of SARS and 4 studies for H1N1 influenza. None of the participants who took Chinese herbal remedies contracted SARS in the 3 studies. The infection rate of H1N1 influenza in the Chinese herbal remedy groups were significantly lower than the control groups. 

To help local people fighting coronavirus, our clinic can provide preventive Chinese herbal remedies designed by experts and recommended by Chinese authority.  We reduce 50% of normal price as contribution to our beloved community.  Please visit us or call us for further information. We can postal deliver the herbal remedies.

Important note:  if you have been to an affected place in the last 14 days, have contact with somebody with coronavirus, or have any related symptoms, please go home and call NHS 111 for help.  This is necessary to protect yourself and others.

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