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We offer the very best in Acupuncture, Chinese Massage, Reflexology and Chinese Herbal Therapy.

These natural and traditional treatments are effective on the whole range of health problems, even those problems the conventional medicine is struggling to find treatment.

We have often been asked "can you treat pains", "can you help on infertility", or "can you cure stress" etc. We are proud to say: Yes, we can!

Whether you are seeking acupuncture or other traditional therapies for an illness, need to rebalance your overall physical and mental condition, or just looking to relax at the hands of one of our specialists, you will find a warm, professional response here at Herbal World.

Something you may not know

You may know that Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine are very effective for pain, infertility, PMS and stress etc., but you may not know that they are also amazing in treating many very common symptoms. A list of the examples includes:

chronic coughing, urine leaking, bloating, tinnitus, night sweating, tearing, eyestrain, red eyes, over thirsty, nose bleeding, cold hands and feet, constipation, hot flush, itching skin and even vocal cord paralysis ........ Just call us (02086 488 388) to find out whether we can help on your particular problem(s).



Acupuncture ......
is a therapy involving the insertion of needles into acupoints of the body to stimulate the invisible channels of Qi. The imbalance or blockage within these channels can cause variety of physical or emotional illness and pain. Acupuncture helps Qi to flow smoothly arround body thus restores the balance of Qi and relax body. Acupuncture is not only extremely useful for pains, but also very effective for a wide range of health conditions through its power to stimulate the mind and body's own healing response... Read more>>>

Chinese Massage (Tui Na) is a medical method to rectify anatomical anomalies, alters the inner energy state of the biological system and adjust the bio-information of the body. It stimulates the acupoints and other body surface to treat the whole body, mind and spirit, particularly useful for pains, sports injuries and relaxation etc (see <review>). Read more...>>

facial_acupuncture.jpgFacial Acupuncture: an alternative to Botox ........ 

Facial acupuncture is the use of the ancient healing art of acupuncture to smooth away wrinkles on the face. This type of treatment process is considered a viable alternative to undergoing a face lift or utilizing injections of natural or synthetic materials to loosen facial muscles and restore a smoother look to the contours of the face.  Read More ...>>>

is a method of treatment using massage to reflex areas found in, most commonly, the feet. In the feet, there are reflex areas corresponding to all the parts of the body and these areas are arranged in such a way as to form a map of the body in the feet. Thus, it becomes possible to treat the whole body using reflexology method. Read more ... >>>

herbs.jpgChinese Herbal Therapy......
is the main components of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). Guided by the oriental philosophy and medical theories, it treats the whole body in a holistic manner, not merely a set of symptoms. Chinese Herbal Therapy can be extraordinarily effective for many chronic diseases and physical / mind disorders such as infertility, eczema, IBS, stress, insomnia and many more Read More ...>>> 

Our practitioners......

Ms Yong Yang

Traditional Chinese Medicine Doctor                     Acupuncture Practitioner

               Ms Yang  Studied Taditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) at a leading university in China.  She practised TCM in a large hospital over 20 years before she came to UK to continue her education and professional career 8 years ago. 

Since Ms Yang joined our Morden clinic, she has demonstrated that she is very experienced in treating a wide range of health problems, such as infertility, pains, woman's problems (e.g. menopause symptoms, premenstrual syndromes and post-menstrual syndromes), IBS, eczema, fatigue and stress...... Read more ... >> 

As Ms Yang has rich experince in Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture, her clients are always impressed by  the way she explains about Chinese Medicine, Acupuncture, their health problem diagnosis and the theories of treatments, etc. There is no doubt that she is one of the well established top acupuncture practitioners in South London area.


Mrs Qi Ren

Traditional Chinese Medicine Doctor                     Acupuncture Practitioner

Mrs Ren studied Traditional chinese Medicine (TCM) in China and obtained valuable and comprehensive experience in the following years of career as a TCM Doctor.  She has been practising TCM since she came to UK a few years ago and enjoys the success to help people using her knowledge and experience in TCM.  

Mrs Ren is gifted with combined clinical skills in acupuncture, herbal medicine, massage, cupping therapy, moxibustion, and enhanced clinical experience. Based on such a strong background, she has been very successful in treating various health problems such as digestion, respiration, circulation system problems, particularly skillful in pain relief, treating skin problems and gynaecological disorders (women's complaints).

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